2010/01/27 20:49

  • Released Dropfox 0.3.5

2009/10/10 18:44

  • Released Dropfox 0.3.4

2009/10/07 14:08

  • Released Dropfox 0.3.3

2009/07/07 09:57

  • Released Dropfox 0.3.2

2009/02/20 21:22

  • Released Dropfox 0.3.1

2009/02/04 17:47

What Is Dropfox ?

Dropfox supports you to share a profile across different environments by using tools such as Dropbox. Dropfox enables you to use so-called "extended user.js" which can include environment variables and regular Javascript codes. That enables you to change some preferences, such as a path of a cache folder or an external editor so on, to new ones suitable for each OS environment such as Windows, Linux or Mac.


Quick Install

dropfox-0.3.5-201001272049.xpi (latest version)

Detailed information is shown in Download page.


  • Allows you to have preferences files for each OS(Windows/Linux/Mac).
  • The format of a preferences file is basically same as user.js.
  • A value of preference can include environment variables such as ${HOME}.
  • A value of preference can also include special folder variables, such as ${ProfD} , defined by Mozilla.
  • Also allows you to have preferences files stored in an external folder of a profile folder for each OS.
  • You can include variables in a path of an external preferences file which you specify.
  • You can write regular Javascript codes other than "user_pref()" in a preferences file.
  • A preferences file is loaded depending on the OS operating at Firefox start, and executed.
  • Variables are converted at the time of execution.
  • Automatically removes conflicted files generated by Dropbox.

Detailed information is shown in Manual page.